Easy Tools and Apps for Streaming in 2019

In case you feel overwhelmed by live video and streaming and you want professional-quality streaming, transitions and well mixed audio can make the difference between an amateur one and a quality production, but the software you need for a great looking stream might be free. We will try to help you so here is the best streaming software. Streaming is a growing market with claims of performance and quick setup, so in order to choose you need to look out for choice of input sources and supported games (some apps let you record), so here’s our pick of streaming software.

OBS Studio

There is no user support to help you, so you need to figure things out, and although his usually isn’t an issue for tech-savvy users, newer ones might need to check one of the multitude of tutorials on the web. It’s possible to stream top quality, whether you want to capture games or something else, and you won’t find a more flexible tool. It has something of a reputation for simple streaming without sophisticated settings, but it provides granular control, you can create scenes from windows, text and capture cards and mix audio so the options are extensive. The bottom line is that if you’re in search of a solution with no need for virtual sets, and guest hosting, this one is free works on Mac, is highly reliable and has a light CPU usage, although it can be difficult to multistream. Open Broadcaster Software Studio is an open source project built for price-conscious streamers, offering all the essentials to create a broadcast, just like professional software, and it is highly customizable with features which are being released all the time.

Each of these comes with live recording features such as single-destination RTMP, multiple sources, chroma key and live switching, although each software has its advantages and ideal use cases, so consider this aspect as well. Live streaming is growing, leading to a variety of software tools in 2019, so whether you’re new to live streaming or live streams as a main source of revenue, there’s a solution suited for you. We are transitioning to stream and the options are unlimited, because now you can stream like the pros since our crack experts dug through streaming solutions to find the top options and broken them down.

Streamlabs Streaming

It includes widgets such as subs tracking or chatbox,, thousands of overlays, audio filters, and other stuff, and also has better support, featuring troubleshooter and Discord, as it is primarily a great tool for the streamer who wants smart encoding and lower CPU usage. Since January 2018 SLOBS gained popularity among non-gamer streamers and just like OBS, it has a slick design, with everything you need grouped in the Dashboard. As of today, it is only available on Windows, for free, but the gaming community is raving about it, especially those who are familiar with Streamlabs, as it offers all the tools for Twitch and Facebook Live, and managing your revenue.

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