How to Record the perfect Online Live Streaming

In case it’s getting hard to process it all, you need to acknowledge the fact that you can capture or record this content, so don’t let the internet run you. Unfortunately, it might be difficult to capture videos, but you can still make use of programs to save it, and here we will show you how to save streaming with different methods. This post focuses on recording a stream but it is also possible to record video from another source. Here’s how.

Live video is everywhere, from entertainment platforms to social media tools and live video technology is enabling businesses and entertainment companies to grow their brands like in most cases, although they are temporary. Recording someone else’s stream or live video content as your own can place you in violation of copyright, so always consult the laws in your area. Live stream video is the content broadcast on the Internet, and now live streams have become common as you can enjoy educational tutorials, game matches and broadcasts online, even though sometimes you may miss live events. Other platforms automatically convert a video into VOD, but these kinds of publishers ultimately own the rights to the content and can add it as they wish.

There are benefits to your own stream and even though some platforms automatically convert your stream (such as YouTube), with a personal copy of your stream you can edit to create promotional collateral or you can save clips to use in creative content.

1. Find tools that allow you to capture video

The Xbox app is intended for game capture, but it can also be used for recording, including streams as a Windows 10 user, just find the pop-up bar where you can configure capture settings with Game DVR. Screen recorder software is often the first place people look, and if your screen is showing a live stream, the tool will can capture it as a recorded file, even though it might require payment. A word of caution- to record longer video, use an editor, and don’t forget that you can try any of screen recorder and get everything you need on your Mac device, as well. Examples of screen recorder software include Fraps, but there are also some free stream tools with limited functionality, such as CamStudio, that are open source and free to use thanks to a collaborative effort.

2. Screen Grabber Pro – live stream recorder

AceThinker is considered the best as it allows you to save live streams more easily, by installing the program on Windows and following the steps to record with no hassles.

3. Other software tools for live stream

If you plan to record in high resolutions, such as for computer gameplay, your computer must need upgrade. There is open source software and more advanced tools at higher price, such as vMix, for recording, and live streaming software are built with live event producers in mind so these tools offer creative features such as chroma key, as with screen capture.

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