The Top Internet Radio Stations to Listen

There are more websites that offer music, so you can tune in to for your listening pleasure by turning to Apple Music and Pandora, but offering listeners singles, radio DJs continue to be the most important purveyors of sonic trends, and instead of pumping your favorite band into an algorithm, try a radio from our list for access to live streams. While a streaming service eliminates commercials, you have to choose songs, but an internet station plays chosen music of a genre, like indie or Christian, making it more fun. Whether you’re looking for brand new discoveries or psychedelic tunes, everyone is listening to radio stations now, and although our ancestors might have thought we were tripping, you can find the most diverse programming and internet stations below.

We’ve got you covered as we can help you find the best music and offer a roundup of our playlists, as well as a list of our favorite songs in multiple genres. There’s a whole lot of banal chatter so, keep this in mind, the best radio stations are guaranteed to introduce you to something fresh, which is why we’ll keep updating this list regularly. Listening to the radio is an enjoyable past-time, and in an era in which every piece of music is readily available, there is something communal about listening in on something that other people are tuned into, a feeling that no streaming can replicate.

With the multitude available stations, it might be hard to pick one, so below is our list of the best radios for a variety of genres, whether you’re into country music, instrumental music or party music, and some of them have music selected by DJs, while others are just streams of the radio played in the local area. So tune in to internet radio stations right now! While the rise has seen an increasing interest in stations that are highlighting fascinating sounds, the most weird radio stations today are listenable worldwide, from little talkies to international sounds, crowdfunded efforts and best music stations.


Best known for its studio sessions, it is often the first media outlet to showcase bands and a great place to hear music.


You’ll hear pop, disco, punk and more from groups and if you like a played song from the Lite FM, you can start your own station and even skip, unlike on the radio. We simply adore the fact that it includes lyrics and provides a listening experience, although showing only the three recently played tracks is a throwback. Works well with iOS as well!


The popular station has got all the songs to keep up to date with hits from pop genre.


There is more to it than reaches the ear: fine music, from ska to folk, all accessible to stream from their website.


This one is for the curious ones who want to boggle their minds.

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